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Jul 28, 2008
Sydney, Oz
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Please adhere to the following set of guidelines when posting your vehicle for sale in this forum:
  • This forum is intended for private vehicle sales only - absolutely no dealer postings.
  • Whole cars in running condition only, please.
  • List the car YOU are selling - please, no listings on behalf of non-members or for vehicles that you have yet to acquire.
  • The description of the vehicle for sale must be provided in your thread. Please do not post links to FS threads on other sites, Craigslist posts, ebay listings, etc. in lieu of providing your own complete description.
  • Include an asking price - don't just ask for offers.
  • You must actively monitor your FS thread, replying to member questions. If you are not actively monitoring your FS thread, it will be closed and subsequently deleted.
  • No "Feelers" or "gauging interest" threads - the car is either for sale/trade or it isn't. Do not list a car here just to see what it may be worth to someone if you are not fully committed to selling.
  • Location Location Location! Please include the location of the vehicle - state abbreviation in the thread title at the bare minimum.
  • We highly suggest adding pictures to your FS post. Provide them from as many angles as possible, including interior shots and close-ups of any damage or blemishes. You can post images using the "Manage Attachments" feature in the post editor, or use free hosting services like imgur or TinyPic.
  • Once you've closed the deal, please mark your listing as SOLD. You may also use the "Report Post" button on your listing to send a request to the forum staff to close your thread. FS threads that have been inactive for more than 30 days are subject to closure by the forum staff.

General Code of Conduct
  • No price police, please - members post their cars here in good faith and list it at a price that they want or think it is worth. If someone posts a price that is too high, they will find out on their own. If they list a price OBO, you may offer what you feel is fair, but DO NOT REPLY just to complain about someone's price if you're not interested in purchasing the car. This will not be tolerated and the post will be deleted as needed.
  • Please exercise respect. It's okay to compliment a seller on their car and wish them a successful sale, but this is not the place to get into lengthy debates on mods, prices, colors, or anything else.
  • If you are interested in a vehicle listed here, please contact the seller by PM. We do not encourage the practice of openly posting your personal contact information (email address, phone number) on the forum for all to see, as it can be harvested by web-crawling spam bots among other things.
  • If you run across a listing for a vehicle on another site that you'd like to share, please do not post it in this forum but rather post it here: .
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