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Unread 24th December 2009, 06:43 AM
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Was in my standard OB, not a Forry. Late afternoon, trying to make up time, forgot 'rule 1' - every smooth stretch ends in a bumpy bit!
The front end was light - due to the back being packed to the roof.
Probably didn't slow down quite enough as I entered, and I think a 'smallish' rock thumped the LHS of the sump guard. Hit on the leading edge of one of the vents and cracked it. I will have it 'welded' when I get around to it.
As such not a 'belly out', but would've been bad news for the head, if not for the guard, so money well spent.

[If that wasn't where it happened then it might've been later in the day on the S.A. side of the border, where I managed to drift off the side of the road, due to wheel ruts, light steering and - successfully - prioritising not taking out the only roadside pole for 20km in the process!]
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Unread 5th September 2013, 09:25 AM
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I can't see the point of these valves as my sump plug contains a severely powerful magnet that must be cleaned off every oil change, meaning the plug must be removed. I thought these were racing valves for quick oil changes during time trials?
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