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Unread 6th July 2017, 07:38 AM
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Do you know for certain if the Subaru R180 runs 27 spline axles? Are the bearings the same size and in the same location?

Originally Posted by kiwifoz View Post
Reviving this thread for the sake of starting a new one. Had a few hours to kill today and started thinking about Subaru diff locks again (yes, I know...).

The 4.44 r180 used in GC STis has an 8-bolt crown gear. Most r180s used in Nissan 4x4 applications use a 10-bolt crown gear. However, D21/D22 Nissans use an 8-bolt crown gear (according to ARB's application guide).

Therefore, the ARB RD182 air locking differential carrier should be a direct swap into a 4.44 8-bolt crown gear STi r180 differential.

Reference: ARB application guide:

See "Nissan; Navara; Front; 1986-15; R180A, 8-bolt RG; RD182".

I would have to ensure I ordered for a D22, to ensure I got the correct larger-diameter crown (early r180s used a 110 mm crown vs a 115 mm in later versions - all STi and D22 differentials).

All this is academic, of course, as hopefully we should have an r160 locker within the next year (fingers crossed) which could be used with any crown gear and pinion combo (i.e., any diff ratio).
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