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Unread 10th July 2018, 08:50 PM
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I think this gets its right.

First - you need time and motivation. Then you'll see more than anyone with any number of mods on their vehicle.

Mods let you get further into the scrub. They don't get you out of the house.

I've gone plenty of fantastic places with stock cars from minis to my current ride. There's an uncountable number more I've yet to visit.
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Unread 24th July 2018, 06:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Beachworm View Post
I agree with most of these essential modifications. It depends to some extent what kind of off roading you are interested in. A good compressor came equal first with a set of AT tyres but then I drive a Forester, not a GQ Patrol which wouldn't have come with road tyres.

I'll forego the bull bar for a bash plate because I'm interested in day trips to explore bush tracks and beaches around Brisbane. I have no intention of trekking in the outback and seeing my wife thinks camping is having to stay in a 3 star motel, an awning, fridge and other camping gear would be a bit of a waste. A good quality tarp does the job. I'm happy to watch videos of Pat Callinan getting bogged and covered in bull dust. I don't need the personal experience.

I've got the time off bit sorted because I'm retired. The problem is, along with retirement goes the issue of finding money to pay for fuel, modifications and inevitable repairs.

The value of mods is horses for courses and Forester drivers might have slightly different priorities to GQ drivers.
Hi Beachworm,

Thanks for adding to the discussion! Those are some great tips.

Kind regards,
The Bridgestone Team
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Unread 24th July 2018, 02:42 PM
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Of course mods dont take anywhere and if you doing too much putting on car too much you making it worse in bush not better.
All you need most is motivation and passion for exploration, adventure
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Unread 24th July 2018, 08:34 PM
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From my point of view, with a recent background in risk management, I suggest that regardless of what vehicle you are driving and what its modifications are, you need to be well aware of its limitations and yours as a driver. You can push the limits for an exciting drive but if you exceed them, you run a very big risk of becoming part of the scenery. Where you choose to drive should depend on those limitations. If you manage risks in this manner you should always get home in one piece having had a jolly good time doing it.
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Unread 25th July 2018, 10:25 AM
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I am all for proper tires and pressures, then much depends on the area.

In forested areas a chain saw can be the most important thing to have. We did some exploring in Montana this July and there are trails where people made hundreds of cuts earlier in the year to open them. Trees above, under, and on both sides, log crossing and using the roof basket as a skid plate, it has been a new experience for me.

Best "mod" for Montana, it seems, would be an old small Jeep or an old Forester. There are relatively few hard trails but even some with mild surface are not very friendly to paint or bodies even in July; I can imagine the risks to both in muddy conditions earlier in the year.
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