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Unread 12th October 2018, 08:53 PM
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Thanks for the input from the US perspective Middle Aged Subie.

What you say is generally true but the system still allows comparability as you have said because:
1. The wear ratings are determined by government testing under controlled conditions
2. The manufacturers can allocate their own treadwear rating but it cannot exceed the tested rating.

This means that although there is no guarantee that a tyre with a rating of 600 will last twice as long as a tyre with one of 300. you can depend on the tyre with the higher rating lasting longer than the one with the lower rating.

The last set of tyres I had on my Forester (Michelin) lasted 90,000 Km with a treadwear factor of 320. The ones I have on now (Toyo AT) are rated at 600 but I don't expect they will last for 160,000 Km although they do look like going more than 90,000.

My point in this discussion is that Bridgestone is making a mistake by not providing this information to purchasers in the Australian market as treadwear is an important factor to take into account when considering which tyres to buy.
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