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Originally Posted by johnmckee View Post
I see a lot of older model vehicles doing more extreme off road, rather than newer generation (post 2014) models. Is this because the older Subaruís are more capable/tougher than the newer kit? Or is it simply because people donít want to damage the paint work / bend the body on a newer rig. Iíve done some minor damage to the rear plastic skirts brackets on my 2014 XT going over a rotten buried tree in the track, it formed a step but collapsed under weight. So a little wary now, although vechicle seems capable to go anywhere in Xmode?
If you have seen my videos and others you will see the limitations of the electronic systems Subaru use. Especially when compared to a well modified earlier model. Standard against standard though itís much closer. If you want off road ability, spend the money on an older model and put some decent diffs and a sump guard on it, with suitable gearing
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