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Originally Posted by Athos View Post
So that's 18->38 across 4 tyres? Which compressor? "SCA Air Devil"?

yep all 4, I just looked at the SCA site and they don't list the one i have anymore. It's about 5 years old now never had any problems though, can't say anything about the newer ones, could be good could be crap. Mine looks almost exactly the same as Nachaluva's

Branded models have better support if you can afford them, but price doesn't always = quality, but on the other hand there's al ot of Chinese imports that look the same as branded models like tjm, or projector. While these ones are most likely build from the same plan and spec's in different factories, the branded one's will usually have higher QC standards. But you also have what i call the "4WD Action" mark up on some brands to consider.
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