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silver 10th September 2014 07:05 AM

Dmax coming??
I reckon I am going to make a move and get the Dmax. It does appear to be the best value and I have not been able to find anyone to say bad things about it so I am ringing my superfund tomorrow to organise some extra money.
The MY15 spec models have just been released and I have rung 2 Sydney dealers and 1 Canberra dealer.
I am going to get a Spacecab (extracab) Auto SX (poverty pack) Cab chassis, no tray. The SX has been upgraded to have the same sound system as the LSU model and the motors are a bit quieter and fine tuned a bit.
Quotes so far, drive away, Auto are Canberra $40,000 for MY15 or $38,000 for MY14. Taren Point Sydney...$38,320 for MY15 and Suttons Arncliffe Sydney return of call yet.
I start.. tinting all round, bonnet protector, headlight protectors, rubber mats all round and a tow bar.
I will also be getting Old Man Emu 300kg springs front and rear and Koni Heavy Track shockies. The tray will be an O'Brien HD aluminium one with a 1800mm trundle draw.
Snorkel, breathers,bull bar, winch etc etc will be added over the next six months and hopefully all will be done ready for a trip up north next May.
The SX model has 16" steel wheels which are the ones I will fit the more offroad orientated tyres to and I already have a set of 5 17" alloys and tyres off an MUX I bought for $500 that are stored at my mates place in Vic. I'll use these for normal driving.

jf1sf5 10th September 2014 04:24 PM

Nice !

If I had to buy a pickup, I'd probably take that one too.

stilson 11th September 2014 12:03 AM

Mate bought one, can't fault it.

silver 11th September 2014 04:50 AM

MY15 Spacecab, White, Auto, C/C with bonnet protector, headlight protectors, rubber mats all round and reduced service costs drive away $37,500 from Suttons Arncliffe.
I will be getting an O'Brien tray fitted at the dealers and it will have a fully enclosed 1800mm trundle draw. Not cheap but anyone that knows them have told me they are one of the better ones. I'll also get it tinted before I drive it away.
As far as the suspension goes Koni shocks are not made for the 30mm lift from the Old Man Emu set up I will be using and they don't recommend using them as they can't be sure if they will work properly without a full inspection of the front end etc. I will therefore go a full OME set up.
I bloke has offered me a tow bar from a MY12 or 13 (when they were rated 3t now 3.5t) for a carton of VB and the dealer said it will fit. Can't pass that up!!
Maybe about 2 weeks and it will be home. Time to think about my faithfull MY05 Forester...i'll post when I am ready to sell but it will be going for a good price.....could be a good deal for someone that is handy with cars and wants to do a bit of work on it.

Ratbag 11th September 2014 04:58 AM

Congratulations, Silver :).

From my Batphone

silver 15th September 2014 07:53 PM

I came up to Sydney a to see the dealer and finalise stuff. Deposit paid and delivery will be mid/late Dec. A bit of wait but Spacecabs are not high priority deliveries I guess. it's OK anyway as it will help me budget and as long as it is done by around May next year all is good.
I will be putting ARB OLD MAN EMU suspension right through as this is the best, easiest way to go. It's quite a process to get a GVM upgrade.
It has to go through the dealer before rego. ARB give me the quote which I give to the dealer. When the car has arrived the dealer rings ARB and gives them the VIN number etc and orders the stuff. ARB send off the info to Melbourne Head Office who tell the Federal Transport mob and a plate is sent back to ARB who fix it the ute and do the work and bill the dealer and I pay the dealer...phew.:ebiggrin:
I will get tinting done at the dealer and have a loom put in for the towbar. The tray will be an O'Brien std tray just over 2.1mtrs in length with 4 lugs welded to the front bar for lights or aerials if I want them. The price they wanted for the trundle draw was stupid...over $1,600 and I can get one made by a guy at Bega for $1,200 and it is custom made ,fully welded not a pop rivet in sight! The tray is just over $2,300 but I have been told they are a better sort of tray so I will get that.
The suspension set up will be OME all round with the springs at the front for steel bar/winch combo and constant rate 300kg in the rear. OME nitro sport shockies all round BUT the shockies at the rear will be the softer of the two that I can use to try and keep the ride good with no load on.
The only real way of finding out how the rear will be is to test it in the real world. Once I get the camper and the car loaded and do a trip I will then be able to make up my mind.
I can always go to a heavier shockie and put a helper spring on. Personally, I reckon it will be fine.
The guy at Suttons has been really good and helpful. They will deliver it to ARB, which is only about 2 klms away and organise the tinting and stuff. I am pretty happy with them.:ebiggrin:

Kevin 15th September 2014 11:01 PM

yes, congrats Silver and seems to be coming together really well.

Ratbag 15th September 2014 11:17 PM

^ ^ Sounds terrific, Silver :ebiggrin: :biggrin:.

Now you just have to sit on your hands and wait ... and don't think about monkeys ... :iconwink:.

I must admit, I'm not very good at waiting ... ;).

silver 17th September 2014 04:13 AM

I'm not good at waiting either but it will suit my budgeting. So much money to spend it is a bit frightening! I don't think i'll go a Warn winch and might try an Ironman 9.5 as they have a good warranty which apparently incudes water ingress.
The above was interesting.
I will have an ARB steel Deluxe bar and breathers right through. Tyres for the steelies might be the new Toyo Open Country AT2s. Snorkus will be a Safari.
Radio will be a GME probably. I might well invest in a Galaxy tab and get the off road maps set up but I'm not cluey about that stuff and could well just get a Hema HN7 ...OR both!!
As I said....lots of stuff to go. :ebiggrin:

Ratbag 17th September 2014 05:13 AM

Hey, mate. I do understand sensible financial planning ... ;).

If you are not cluey about techno stuff, get the simplest possible solution. Hema has a very good reputation AFAICT. I have their paper atlases from the RACV shop (something like 30% off for members, IIRC). I also have two GPS units. The later of the two works for up to 4 hours without charging and acquires the satellites about 2-5x faster.

Travelling alone, I don't think it's even optional these days NOT to have a Spot Messenger. If my worthless remains need to be recovered from somewhere, then just send the nearest Divvy van to pick it up. I am quite sanguine about all that. I just don't want the community to have to spend $250,000 on finding said worthless remains!! There are far better things for the community to do with this kind of bread, IMNSHO.

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