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Ben Up North 12th January 2018 09:13 PM

Coming soon: Automagic CLB! (car locator beacaon)
Saw this in the nws today:

The device, known as Sentinel, is fire, water and chemical resistant and can handle 100 G-forces.
It is triggered by sensors on impact, by fire, when submerged in water, on airbag deployment or even self-activated using an SOS button.
While designed primarily for cars, the device can be adapted to work on farm machinery, motorbikes and planes.
The device firstly uses the mobile phone network to get its message out but in the event of no coverage, it can transmit using satellites.

Should be available by the end of the year? The article reads that device gets its location from your mobile or in car GPS, which seems a little odd. You'ld think for the cost of a GPS module & antenna they'd build it in..

And I just got a PLB for Christmas. :raspberry: Would be awesome to have one built into the car though, as long as it didn't activate when it shouldn't. Being Australian designed & built, one would hope it could cope with Australian conditions..

Ben Up North 12th January 2018 09:15 PM

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