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NachaLuva 9th April 2013 08:16 AM

NachaLuva's Body Lift
A while ago I got a 2" body lift kit from Crossbred Performance. Before I put it in I wanted to beef it up a little by boxing the open ended blocks & tieing the rear trailing arms together, also the front control arms.

So far:

The trailing arm blocks are on the left, they're also welded to the moustache bar blocks for extra stability. I put them on the car then tacked in the connecting 1"x1" RHS, then removed them & fully welded them. Some of the welds are a little rough but its strong.

I also replaced the bolts on the rear strut blocks with longer bolts to fit 1" spacers. A bit of a bugger as the longer bolts wouldn't go in so I had to make up some using HT threaded rod & HT nuts. The end result isn't neat but its strong & functional

The 28 plates I'll use to box in the blocks are along the front & took ages to cut :(

I also noticed a funny little triangular support on each side of the moustache bar:

It looks like their purpose is to stabilise the bar. Trouble is there's nothing in the lift kit for this. Would I need to fab up something or can I just leave this off? Its only thin pressed sheet metal with I think M6 bolts. The bar itself is held in place with substantial HT bolts so I'm not really sure why these plates are needed :shrug:

Dulagarl 9th April 2013 09:05 AM

It needs blocks. Like this:

One small one for the round bit, and a long one for the flat bit.

I think you might not have enough blocks to do the job properly. See this image:

You'll note that there are some extras. e.g. you need one for the steering. You'll also note that the scorpion kit comes with longer bolts to replace the originals.

PM me an email address and I'll send you the instructions for fitting a scorpion lift kit. It will help you figure it out.

NachaLuva 9th April 2013 10:40 AM

Thats a very complete lift kit by Scorpion! The photo I put up isnt the complete kit, just the bits I'm modifying. When I'm finished I'll post a photo of the complete kit for others to see. Its missing the extended brake lines though, plus the blocks you've shown in your photo.

PM sent...

stilson 9th April 2013 02:03 PM

:banana:That is an impressive lift kit Nacha, I take off my hat.

Eagerly awaiting the end result!

jf1sf5 9th April 2013 04:46 PM

Nice job Nachaluva !

garrettG 9th April 2013 04:59 PM

im stoked to see this come together:)

Ejipner 9th April 2013 11:14 PM

Bump! This is awsome. I'm doing the same thing in couple weeks... Any specs you can provide would be really helpful.

NachaLuva 10th April 2013 01:13 AM

OK, I'll do some measurements & post them up for you. Some bits like the steering extension may be a bit more tricky for you.

mr turbo 10th April 2013 04:44 AM

Looks great NachaLuva :ebiggrin:

Can't wait to see your Forry once it's all fitted :raz:

Mr Turbo

carljwnc 10th April 2013 06:06 AM

Very cool!!!:cool:

Excellent idea boxing in the open ends, that should strengthen/stiffen things up quite a bit.

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